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American Made Matters – Buy Schaeffer Oil

For the past five years, we have joined forces with American Made Matters, a growing group of American businesses promoting American made products like Schaeffer Oil and Baldwin Filters. We chose Baldwin Filters because of their long-lasting filter media that is required for longer oil change intervals. Except for their chrome filters, Baldwin Filters are manufactured here in the United States.

Our company along with over 375 others have joined forces to promote the importance of buying American Made products. This is not only vital to our economy but provides consumers with products they are assured are made using the highest human and environmental concerns. This sets companies like ours far ahead of our competitors and is a good reason to support our cause.

You’re Better Served with Small Businesses – Here’s Why

#1 one reason our small business receives calls is for technical advice. Lubricants have vast numbers of applications and it takes professional help. Our professionals can be contacted by telephone or email and we'll go to work for you. The following are more reasons to support small businesses like ours:

  • Technical advice.
  • Individual care.
  • We are here after the sale.
  • More knowledgeable staff.
  • Smart, intelligent & caring.

Why Buy American Made Products?

Maybe a better way to phrase a question like this, how much do you care about yours and your neighbors’ prosperity? Buying American made products helps us, our family and our neighbors too. There are more benefits too as you can see from this list:

  1. Keep our planet greener, using less transportation.
  2. Greener too because we have higher environmental standards.
  3. Made in the USA means jobs, jobs and more jobs.
  4. Jobs for our children and grandchildren.
  5. Buying Made in The USA promotes American independence.
  6. Guarantees safer & fairer work environment.
  7. Helps reduce the trade deficit.
  8. Boosts American investment opportunities.
  9. Outsourced plants rarely return to the US.

American Made Products Save You Money

Now everyone is up for saving money, right? American made products, because they’re made better, last longer. The longer a product lasts the more money you save. Everyone has heard the saying, “a Pennie earned is a Pennie saved.” An example is Schaeffer oil products.

Schaeffer oils are made to last longer change intervals using advanced proprietary technology. The components to this technology are made up of a liquid Moly and Penetro. These are what Schaeffer refers to as friction modifiers. These friction modifiers work together to lower temperatures which helps to prolong oil life and additionally they boost fuel economy saving even more money.

Fuel economy is not the only savings. Mechanical component wear is practically non-existent saving costly repairs down the road. But there is more to these oils too. The friction modifiers are added to the top-grade synthetics and paraffin oils. These oils have high heat break-down resistance which is why Schaeffer oil is engineered to last.

In conclusion, I want to stress the blessings of buying American products. For the following reasons:

  • Bless your family.
  • Bless your neighbors.
  • Bless Yourself.
  • Bless Your community.
  • Bless Your State.
  • And Bless America by buying American Made!


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