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Gear Lubricants and Transmission Fluids

Easily Find Gear Lubricants and Transmission Fluids by Code Look-up Interested in Schaeffer's Lubricants? - Read More About Schaeffer's Supreme Lubricants - Buy Schaeffer Oil for all your lubrication needs! Code Specification(s) Products Found on stores.BuySchaefferOil.com AE Esso Type LT 71141 Automatic Transmission Fluid 204SAT All Trans Supreme AF2 Dexton® - II Automatic Transmission Fluid 204SAT All Trans Supreme AF3 Dexton® - III Automatic Transmission Fluid 204SAT All Trans Supreme AF6 Dexton® - VI Automatic [...]

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Why Do So Many People Love Schaeffer Oil?

People love Schaeffer's Oil Schaeffer's Oil has been around since the Gold Rush in the mid-1800's.Today, the company makes tens of millions of dollars every single year selling synthetic oils, additives, greases, and other compounds that are used by everyone from race-car drivers, to farmers, to manufacturers.So what's their secret? Why do so many people love Schaeffer oil?-Because it passes all [...]

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¬¬The Ins and Outs of Biodegradable Slide and Way Oil

Why is biodegradable Slide and Way Oil necessary? They may sound like toys your kids would play with on a summer day, but slides and ways play a major role in manufacturing.Amazingly, these small parts take on some of the biggest loads and still manage to churn out incredibly precise finished products.The key to having good slides and ways is [...]

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Moly Oil -- What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

What is Moly oil? It's been used in lubricating pastes and greases for decades, but unless you're in the oil industry, you probably don't know what Moly oil is or even what "Moly" stands for.Consider this to be your crash course in all things Moly Oil… First things first, "Moly" is short for "Molybdenum Disulfide".  Its consistency is similar to that [...]

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Why Are Specialized Lubricants So Important?

Specialized Lubricants Are Important For These Reasons If you don't drive a race car or operate a giant excavator, you may not understand all the fuss over specialized lubricants. Can't you just head to your local hardware store and grab a cheap bottle of grease or oil? Why does everything have to be so specialized? Here's why: 1.Your equipment will last [...]

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Biodegradable Oils – They Are Key to Going Green AND Improving Your Equipment's Performance

Working with Mother Nature in mind is something that a lot of companies are doing these days, but for some of them, going green is a must-do, instead of just a want-to-do.After all, if you work in sensitive areas -- like on or near the water, around agriculture, in forests, or anyplace else that's relatively untouched by man, you've [...]

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A Layman’s Recommendations For Practical Storage of Grease Products by BuySchaefferOil.com

Think of grease like it is a food item.You wouldn’t store food close to anything producing heat or hot steam would you? If you have food leftovers they most likely would be placed in a sealed container and stored back in a cool dry place right? Well the same goes for greases. The reason grease needs to be [...]

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Landscapers and Lawn Maintenance Companies Benefit From Schaeffer OIl

RL Services, LLC Benefits From Schaeffer Oil Products You might be wondering how landscaping and lawn maintenance services can benefit from using Schaeffer oil and waterproof synthetic greases, right?The truth is in the results.We asked Ryan Imus from RL Services, LLC a landscaper in Stanwood / Camano Island to try switching to Schaeffer oil products then record [...]

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Gear Oil What You Should Know About It

Gear oil is basically a lubricant that has been specially designed for transfer cases, transmissions and differentials within vehicles and other similar types of machinery. This sort of oil not only offers a much higher viscosity to ensure that all of the gears within the machinery are protected, but this also allows the lubricant to be transferred effectively throughout the [...]

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Tips On Determining The Quality Of Schaeffer Grease

Determining the quality of vehicle oil, such as Schaeffer grease is imperative for anyone looking to purchase this sort of product and put it to use. High quality products not only allow the engine to perform optimally under a variety of temperatures, but it also extends the entire lifespan of the engine, therefore potentially saving the owner a lot [...]

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