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Baldwin B7240 Oil Filter

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 Product Description


Descriptions: Anti-Drainback Valve 14 PSID By-Pass Valve

Fits: Fecon, Kubota Equipment

Replaces: Kubota 70000-74035

Thread: 3/4-16

O.D.: 3 11/16 (93.7)

Length: 3 1/4 (82.6)

I. Gskt.: G401


Manufacturer Make Model Description
FECON Equipment FTX100-L FTX100-L Track Carrier w/Kubota V3800DI-T Eng.
KUBOTA Engines V3307DI -T V3307DI -T
KUBOTA Engines V3600-E; V3600-T V3600-E, V3600-T
KUBOTA Engines V3800DI-T V3800DI-T
KUBOTA Excavators K170; KH170L KH170, KH170L w/S2600-D Eng.
KUBOTA Excavators KH18 KH18
KUBOTA Excavators KH28 KH28
KUBOTA Excavators KH91 Series KH91 Series w/D1402-BH5 Eng.
KUBOTA Excavators KX121-2S KX121-2S w/V2203-E Eng.
KUBOTA Excavators KX151H KX151H w/V1902-B Eng.
KUBOTA Excavators KX161-2S KX161-2S w/V2203-E Eng.
KUBOTA Generator Sets GV3170; GV3170SW GV3170, GV3170SW w/V1902-B Eng.
KUBOTA Generator Sets GV3190Q GV3190Q w/V2203 Eng.
KUBOTA Generator Sets KJS130D KJS130D w/D1703 Eng.
KUBOTA Generator Sets KJS130DX KJS130DX w/D1703-E Eng.
KUBOTA Generator Sets KJS150V KJS150V w/V2203 Eng.
KUBOTA Generator Sets KJS150VX KJS150VX w/V2203-E Eng.
KUBOTA Generator Sets KJT210V KJT210V w/V2203 Eng.
KUBOTA Generator Sets KJT210VX KJT210VX w/V2203-E Eng.
KUBOTA Loaders R400 R400 Loader w/V1902 Eng.
KUBOTA Loaders R410 R410 Loader w/V1902 Eng.
KUBOTA Loaders R420 R420 (LST) Loader w/D1503-T Eng.
KUBOTA Loaders R420S1; R420S2 R420S1, R420S2 w/D1503-M Eng.
KUBOTA Loaders R510 R510 (LST) w/V2203-DI Eng.
KUBOTA Loaders R520 R520BU-1A w/V2203 Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L2050 L2050 w/D1102-AE-1 Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L2250; L2550 L2250DT, L2550DT
KUBOTA Tractors L235 L235 Series w/D1102-A Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L2500 L2500
KUBOTA Tractors L2550 L2550 Series w/D1402-DI-A Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L2600DT; L2600F L2600DT, L2600F w/D1403-AE Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L2650; L2650DT; L2950; L2950DT L2650, L2650DT, L2950, L2950DT Garden Tractors
KUBOTA Tractors L2650DTGST; L2650F L2650DTGST, L2650F
KUBOTA Tractors L275 L275 Series w/D1302-A Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L2800 Series L2800 Series w/D1403-M-E2A Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L2850DT; L2850DT-GST; L2850F L2850DT, L2850DT-GST, L2850F w/V1702-DI-A Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3000; L3000DT; L3000F L3000, L3000DT, L3000F w/D1503-E Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3010 HST L3010HST w/D1503L-AN Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3010DT; L3010F L3010DT, L3010F w/D1503-LAN Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3250DT L3250DT, L3250F w/V1902-DI-A Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3350 L3350 Series
KUBOTA Tractors L3410DT L3410DT w/D1703-A Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3410HST L3410HST w/D1503L-AN Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3430DT-F L3430DT-F w/D1703-M Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3450 Tractor; L3450DT; L3650 Tractor; L3650DT; L3650GST L3450, L3450DT, L3650, L3650DT, L3650GST
KUBOTA Tractors L35 L35-TL, L35-TLB w/D1703 Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L355SS L355SS w/V1702-A Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3600 L3600 Series w/V1903-A Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3650DT-GST L3650DT-GST w/V1902-DI Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3710 L3710 Series V1903-AN Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3750 L3750 w/F2302-DI Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L3830 Series L3830 Series w/D1803-M Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L4200 Series L4200 Series w/V2203-A Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L4300DT; L4300F L4300DT (4WD), L4300F (2WD) w/V2203 Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L4310 L4310 Series w/V2203-AN Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L4330 Series L4330 Series w/V2203-MA Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L4350; L4350DT L4350, L4350DT Series w/V2203-DI Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L4610 Series L4610 Series w/V2203-E Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L4630 Series L4630 Series w/V2203-M Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L48 L48 TL, L48 TLB w/V2403 Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L4850; L4850DT L4850, L4850DT w/F2503-DI Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L5030 Series L5030 Series w/V2403-M Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors L5450; L5450DT L5450, L5450DT w/F2803-DI-A Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors M4700; M4700DT M4700, M4700DT w/F2803-E Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors M4800SU M4800SU w/V2403-M Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors M4900 Series M4900 Series w/F2803-E Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors M5700 M5700 Series w/F2803 Eng.
KUBOTA Tractors MX5000DT; MX5000F MX5000DT, MX5000F w/V2403 Eng.

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