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Schaeffer's Greases Synthetic and Waterproof

If you're looking for the highest quality grease available, the best variety of synthetic greases, and waterproof grease that will satisfy multiple applications then you've definitely found the best source online. We stock hundreds of varies greases from moly grease to full synthetic grease and sySchaeffer Greasenthetic blends. Have you been searching for the highest temperature grease available then Schaeffer 286C #2 is it!

Schaeffer 286C #2 uses copper and graphite to push its temperature limitations higher. We also carry Schaeffer supreme greases like 221, 238 and for those that prefer a red grease 229. 260 Perma-Moly greases can be what you’re looking for or food grade greases so we have a good supply of these available in varying thickness like #1 or #2.

Probably our most popular is the Schaeffer 274 supreme grease which is made in NLGI #00, #0, #1 and #2. It is synthetic moly grease that has many uses like windmill applications and racing cycles that prefer a very thin film providing low friction at high speeds. Or perhaps you need polyurea grease for high load carrying capabilities.

"You Must Give Schaeffer Grease A Try Because When You Do You Will Never Try Another"

Schaeffer's 278 Super Polyurea grease is excellent grease for electrical engines that need a high performance and high temperature requirements. But this is not all we have red grease-in-a-can made by Schaeffer’s manufacturing. Grease-in-a-can is used for hard to reach applications that need a shot of moly red grease. What’s more we even carry auto-greasers that can be permanently mounted on equipment that runs constantly.

The Auto-lubers we carry require refills called service packs. Stock up on the service packs that have a shelf life of approximately four years. If your only interest is learning more then find a wealth of information on every page that includes all the technical data and MSDS sheets for every product.

Remember to tell your friends to get Schaeffer Grease Synthetic & Waterproof Grease at www.BuySchaefferOil.com at reasonable prices and or call 360-336-2319.

* Always store grease in a cool dry place

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