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Why Work With Biodegradable Degreasers?

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But why should you bother to work with a biodegradable degreaser?

If heavy-duty equipment is part of your regular work day, then you know that soap and water aren't enough to get it clean. If you want to get rid of the grease, oil, dust, rust, and grime that accumulate on your equipment as you use it, you've got to use a special degreaser.

-- Because it cuts down on your paperwork

Biodegradable degreaser

If you worked with a "regular" degreaser, you'd have to deal with the EPA's and OSHA's special handling and personal protection requirements. Depending on exactly what's in your degreaser, it may fall under the EPA's Hazardous Waste Code -- meaning you'll have to keep track of how much of it you use in a month, dispose of it as hazardous waste, and send all of your records to the EPA.

As if all of that wasn't enough, the state you work in may come with its own set of requirements, too. For example, some states require businesses to actually post written instructions on how to use degreaser safely.

The only way to avoid this mountain of paperwork and red tape is to opt for a biodegradable degreaser!Once you've got it, you won't have to worry about EPA regulations, the Clean Air Act, and state guidelines.  You'll simply be free to do your work.How great does that sound?!

-- Because you don't have to worry about what you're breathing in

Like them or not, all of those rules and regulations are in place for a reason. Traditional degreasers are full of harsh ingredients that can be downright dangerous to breathe in!Luckily, though, a biodegradable degreaser uses corn and orange as its main ingredients (which is why you'll often hear them referred to as "citrus degreasers"). That means you can clean away, without putting yourself at risk.

-- Because it doesn't stink

Walk into any facility that's using traditional degreaser, and you'll know it right away. That's because those harsh chemicals come with an unmistakable (and strong!) smell. But biodegradable degreaser is different.Since it's made with natural ingredients, it won't have that pungent odor.In fact, you may even discover that it smells kind of nice!

-- Because you don't have to worry about getting on your skin

Traditional degreasers can dry out your skin and even make it start to crack. But when you're dealing with biodegradable degreaser ingredients like corn and orange, you don't have to worry about screwing up your skin. Some companies even use biodegradable degreaser as a hand soap!

-- Because it's just as effective as its traditional counterparts

If you think that you need all of those harsh chemicals to REALLY degrease your equipment, think again! Citrus degreaser is actually considered to be a heavy-duty degreaser because it can cut through all kinds of grease and grime -- even stuff that has melted onto your equipment in high temperatures.It's a highly-concentrated product; it's just concentrated with better ingredients!

-- Because it's safe to use anywhere

If you run a meat packing plant, a cannery, a fish processor, or any other facility that has to do with food, you know that you have to be very careful when you choose any type of cleaning product or other chemical.Luckily, though, the USDA has approved biodegradable degreasers for use in food handling areas, so you'll get the cleanliness you need without the risk!

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