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What Is Engine Purging Fluid?

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Is Engine Purging Fluid A Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Let's first begin with saying that engine purging fluids have been something that mechanics have tried since the invention of the gasoline motor.  Low quality, not necessarily cheap oil, is the reason someone would want to clean or purge an engine.  Some fluids that have been used are things like gasoline, kerosene, diesel as well as other concoctions.  Let's say that every kind of fluid used comes with risks.  Personally we don't recommend anything except for using a good oil like Schaeffer's oil that gently cleans your motor while protecting your engine from friction.

Schaeffer's has a product they formally sold as an engine purge called Nuetra.  Here is what it used to say:


Simply add one ounce of 131 Neutra per quart of oil to any engine. If in your car or truck it is good to run for 200 to 300 miles before changing oil. Neutra cleans varnish and oil gunk from your motor.

Here is an old comment from a customer who let us know how impressed they were with how well Nuetra worked in their lawnmower. "Squeeky clean."

Why Schaeffer does not recommend purging your engine with Neutra?

Older engines using poor quality oil tend to build up gunk.  This gunk is harmful to seals by drying the seals as well as clogging oil ports.  Especially in one of these types of motors using a de-gunking engine purge like Neutra could cause blockage that prevents oil from circulating through the engine and cause the engine to seize.  This is why Schaeffer no longer recommends Neutra for this use and we at Buy Schaeffer Oil, LLC  do not recommend purging your engine, but rather recommend a good oil...Schaeffer Oil.

To reiterate WE DO NOT RECOMMEND PURGING FLUID and if you do, it is at your own risk!

Schaeffer 131 Nuetra Engine Cleaner

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