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The Skinny on Biodegradable Industrial Oils

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Brief On Biodegradable Industrial Oils

Words like "green", "environmentally friendly", and "biodegradable" are used so often that people have simply started taking them at face value, without doing any research on their own.They see an ad proclaiming that a product is good for the environment, and they just assume that all "green" products are created equally.

However, that's not the case -- at least, not when it comes to biodegradable industrial oils!

If you're looking for a way to power your industrial equipment without putting stress and strain on Mother Nature, you've probably looked into biodegradable oils.But until you understand these 6 things, you won't know what makes one oil better than the rest:

1. They meet specific guidelines

Biodegradable industrial oils

In order to be classified as biodegradable, industrial oils need to do two things -- be very low in toxicity and be able to decompose quickly when they're subjected to the living organisms in the air, water, and soil.

But both of those things are a bit subjective.That's why the Environmental Protection Agency decided to take things a step further.

The EPA has its own method for determining if a particular industrial oil makes the grade.They classify certain oils as "EAL" (short for "Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants"), and they revise their EAL guidelines on a regular basis.So, if you find an oil that's got EAL status, you can rest easy knowing that it's as green as it gets!

2. There's yet another classification

If you're shopping around for biodegradable industrial oils, odds are you'll see the term "readily biodegradable".That simply means the oils will degrade -- or, more specifically, that they will be converted into carbon dioxide and water -- within 28 days.

3. You may have no choice but to use them

Lots of companies want to go green, but for others, it's actually a necessity.Thanks to Title 9 of the Farm Bill, government agencies are required to use biodegradable industrial oils.

4. They're better for your equipment

Even if you're not required by law to use biodegradable industrial oils, there's a very good reason to start -- the equipment factor!

Biodegradable oil doesn't require the same harsh cleaning products that traditional petrol-based oils do.If you were to use a petrol-based oil, you'd have to constantly clean your equipment with harsh detergents.Not only is this tougher on your equipment, but it also pollutes the groundwater around you -- in addition to all of the polluting you're doing with the petrol itself!

5. A vegetable oil base is the way to go

Many of the biodegradable industrial oils you see are made with a vegetable oil base.There are synthetic base oils that can be used -- and that are just as biodegradable -- but vegetable oil is better because it's relatively inexpensive.That's great news for you, because the less money your oil manufacturer has to spend, the less they'll have to charge you.

6. You can experience savings from start to finish

Not only will a vegetable-based industrial oil cost you less to buy, it can also prevent you from dealing with expensive fines and penalties if there's ever an accident at your work site.Because it can biodegrade in 28 days, you won't have to spend your time and money cleaning up after a spill.You won't create any lasting damage to the environment around you, so you won't get hit with fines and penalties.That's a big difference from petrol-based oils, which can cost you thousands of dollars (or more!) if you ever spill them.

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